Step one: Check out if your local area has NDIS providers

Although the NDIS is a nationwide government scheme it doesn’t necessarily mean there are the providers you need in your local area.

You can then check on NDIS website or alternatively Beacon Support as an NDIS provider in Queensland can help you understand and navigate this.

Step two: Check your age and other eligibility

Your age will decide if you can apply for NDIS or not. So if you are under 65 you are eligible. Unfortunately over 65’s cannot register for NDIS funding unless there are certain special circumstances, which are detailed on the myagedcare website.

You’ll also need to be an Australian resident, have a recognised disability or qualify for early intervention requirements if necessary.

How do I register for NDIS funding

Step three: Complete an access request form

An access request form might sound a bit daunting at first but we can help you complete it with our team. You’ll need to confirm your identity or have somebody else sign on your behalf to authorise that you are who is applying.

To register for NDIS funding you will be asked if you meet the requirements. This may involve compiling evidence or support to show that you are eligible.

Lastly it will entail questions surrounding your consent to be a participant in the NDIS scheme. Aside from this some other healthcare professionals may be asked to provide evidence.

Step four: Wait up to 21 days

Generally, there is a 21 working day wait for your application to be granted approval or rejection. If there is some ambiguity surrounding whether you qualify you may be asked for further evidence. Things like how your disability affects your life and more may be required. If you feel like you need support you can contact Beacon Support to see if we can help.

Step five: You receive a decision

You will receive your decision to say if your application has been granted and you can consider the NDIS home care plans we offer as an NDIS provider.

Contact Us today for more information about how to register for NDIS funding and services.

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