Community Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation often does not have the strongest results when you are meeting out of your comfort zone. Our home care assistance focuses on building your strengths, in your own environment and that is what our community-focused rehabilitation services provides to you.

If your injury or illness prevents you from leaving home, don’t worry, the professionals at Beacon Support will come to you. From the comfort of your home, or the community area you feel most comfortable in, your home care assistance services team member will work with you to gain back your confidence and independence.

Each individual is unique and as such, the team at Beacon Support helps you with an individual plan rather than providing you with a cookie-cutter support plan. From your first phone call with us, we will get to know your strengths, weaknesses, struggles, goals and wants and work with you to achieve or overcome them.

Call us today to learn more about our community focused rehabilitation services that can help you gain your independence back and develop the lifestyle you have always wanted.

Community Rehabilitation Services

Family Focused Rehabilitation Services

Many times our rehabilitation starts at home with your family and developing your independent lifestyle can be expedited by the support of loved ones. Beacon Support believes in working with all members of your family, friendships and work relationships to help you achieve success.

Looking at you as a whole person, rather than just your illness or injury will help develop your personalised home care assistance plan and teach everyone in your life how to help you be successful. When everyone is working together, toward a goal, success is more likely and balance of your family is restored.

Start your journey with Beacon Support today. Give us a call to speak to our rehabilitation services team for free to start discovering how we can help you regain your independence and confidence. We are leading providers of rehabilitation services in Queensland with decades of industry experience.

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