Beacon Support can help connect you with Specialist Disability Accommodation Brisbane (SDA) providers.

At Beacon Support, our services don't end with managing the day to day home support needs of our complex care clients.

We also want you to find long-term solutions with personalised suitability that will contribute to your general health and welfare.

Long-term solutions include finding your own space, residence or Specialist Disability Accommodation Brisbane that will have everything you need to improve your quality of life.

While Beacon Support does not own or manage any SDAs or other similar properties, we can connect you with accredited SDA providers in Brisbane for your disability accommodation needs.

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We service in all areas of South Brisbane and all areas of Sunshine Coast

What is SDA?

Specialist Disability Accommodation Brisbane (or SDA) is a housing solution by the NDIS for individuals that require unique, customised and special features to cater to their disability and medical situation.

It is designed for those who are living with illness and physical disabilities to become independent and to have the choice of which housing option would best suit them.

It ensures that our clients will enjoy domestic stability and safety, which goes a long way in improving overall health and well-being.

Those living with severe disabilities and mobility will also experience a sense of financial security via SDAs.

It guarantees that they will not have to pay more for their specialised and customised homes because of their physical conditions.

SDA is not a service and fund like Supported Independent Living Brisbane.

It refers to the actual residence (home, unit, apartment) where individuals with extreme functional impairment and high care and physical support needs can live independently or with others in similar circumstances.

Why Consider an SDA

SDAs are homes designed to be fully accessible, to promote independence as well as to ensure your safety. Its design also takes into consideration the carers need for ample space to move freely while assisting you as well as any specialist therapy or support equipment required in Brisbane.

According to guidelines released by the NDIS, Specialist Disability Accommodation Brisbane have five design categories.

These are Basic, Improved Livability, Robust, Fully Accessible and capable of High Physical Support.

Basic SDAs don't have any specific disability-focused design features, but due to its location among others, it can make the delivery of support services easier.

Improved Liveability SDAs make physical access generally easier while fully accessible housing contains even more accessible features for those living with significant disabilities.

Robust SDAs are strong and durable homes to ensure the safety of both the residents and the community and finally, high physical support accommodations that are made for clients who need the highest level of care and support.

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SIL & SDA: How are they different?

While an SDA is an actual brick and mortar residence or accommodation, Supported Independent Living Brisbane (SIL) is both a funding solution and a service provided by the NDIS.

It provides support and care to clients like you who are aged or living with illness and physical disabilities.

It functions and exists with its end goal being for you to live as independently as possible and also to improve your quality of life.

SIL is extended to your current place of residence - be it your own home, a family home, or even in Specialist Disability Accommodation Brisbane.

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SDA Funding

NDIS funding covers SDA rent and housing fees and other residential related expenses.

It is not applied to Supported Independent Living Brisbane and other personal therapeutic or medical-related services.

The reality is though, SDAs can get quite expensive.

It is very cost-prohibitive for many families to fund on their own.

Due to the many Australians that need this service, not everyone that is SIL approved will receive SDA benefits.

Only a small percentage of clients and individuals that live with extreme degrees of functional impairment and need maximum assisted living support meet the NDIS criteria and are considered eligible for funding.

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Beacon Support & SDAs

Though Beacon Support is an accredited NDIS QLD Supported Independent Living (SIL) provider in Brisbane, we are not SDA Providers.

SDA providers generally own, operate, and build specialist disability homes or accommodations in Brisbane.

If you are a potential SDA resident, the provider will accept your rent and housing fee payments.

They also manage the day to day running and maintenance of the home including repairs and general upkeep as well as handling all utility bills.

Beacon Support does not own or manage any SDAs or other similar properties. We don't run any houses or apartments, and we are not looking for any new tenants or guests.

We can, however, connect you with various accredited SDA providers located around the general Brisbane Metropolitan Area and surrounding suburbs for your independent housing needs.

Building Connections

Beacon Support will serve in a consultative capacity to find an SDA provider for you.

Since the supply can't keep up with the demand, SDA's tend to operate at full capacity and often, there is no space or vacancies available.

In our almost 20 years of operations, we have formed deep ties with other practitioners in the industry, including Specialist Disability Accommodation providers in Brisbane.

Through these connections, we can extend assistance to those we care and support for that require or are looking for a home that can accommodate their individual needs.

We can bring you our clients, and SDA providers together to explore your possible residential options with them.

Forging Partnerships

Many SDAs do not offer SIL services for their residents.

Beacon Support provides home care services to various SDA providers.

We use our Supported Independent Living Brisbane expertise on clients who currently reside in SDAs.

We also connect physically disabled and impaired individuals that require SIL services with various SDA providers for consultation and inquiries.

Beacon Support: Your SIL partner in your SDA.

We at Beacon Support are passionate about our work and for those we care about and support.

Beacon Support is proud to collaborate and work together with existing and new SDA providers.

Our commitment is that the clients we support will gain access to quality residences made for their special needs and unique set of mobility and other physical conditions.

Our ultimate goal is for our clients to live the fullest life as independently as possible,

Once you have received your SDA funding, consider Beacon Support for your SIL needs.

Call us today at 1300 435 782 or contact us via our online form for a consultation or to learn more about Specialist Disability Accommodation Brisbane.

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