Beacon Support assists those who are recovering from a significant event, such as injury or illness. Support may be in the forms of help with personal hygiene, meal preparation and/or assistance with completing rehabilitation activities.

No matter your disability or illness, our team will work with you to help you achieve success.

Your residential rehabilitation services will be tailored to your needs to help you to build skills, experience and confidence to take on tomorrow. We work in collaboration with physiotherapists and occupational therapists, as well as any other healthcare professionals in your life. Our positive relationships and collaboration assist to provide you with the best quality service and results.

Our Residential Rehabilitation Services
Balance of Home and Community

NDIS Registered

As a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme provider, we can help you access any funding that may be available to you for your support and in-home care.

Beacon Support In-Home Care

As part of your rehabilitation plan, we can provide a range of support and care services in your home such as:

  • Mobility support
  • Nutrition support and feeding assistance
  • Administering of medication
  • Bowel and bladder function support
  • Emotional support to you and your loved ones
  • Coordination with other services such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physiotherapy
  • Personal care support as required
  • 24 hour support if needed.

It doesn’t matter what situation you may be dealing with, Beacon Support is ready to help you. We can also work in coordination with other services as required.

Balance of Home and Community

You will work with our in home care services experts and community programs to deliver a plan created specifically for you. We will work with you, your friends and your family to create a safe, secure and supported environment that you can thrive in.

Our residential rehabilitation services are designed with you first in mind and are as unique as you are. All of our guidance and expert advice is based on our extensive industry knowledge and experience. We pride ourselves on the quality of the care and support that our residential rehabilitation services network can provide you.

Residential Rehabilitation Services You Can Trust

Call our in home care services team to learn how Beacon Support can provide you with residential rehabilitation services designed specifically for your needs.

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