The Consumer Directed Care Approach Supports Your Lifestyle Goals

The consumer directed care approach is all about supporting and guiding the aging individual to continue to live a full and independent life. This is a person-centred approach to in-home support and care. The team at Beacon Support fully understand and embrace the consumer directed approach to your care. This means that we can offer you advice and support but you are always in control of your care.

You choose the services that you need to support the lifestyle that you want. The support that you receive from us can help you to keep on doing the things that you love in life. The consumer directed care approach supports your goals and lifestyle ambitions and is tailored to these.

The Consumer Directed Care Approach Supports Your Lifestyle Goals

Consumer Directed Care Approach – You Make All the Choices

You decide what involvement you want in the management of your package. Your provider should be actively involved in monitoring and assessing the suitability of the package over time. We always work to enable the individual to move to a more independent lifestyle. Many people enter care at a time when there is a health crisis and may be able to lead a relatively independent life after convalescing.

The consumer directed care approach recognises that you have managed your life for a long time, so you are the best person to continue to make the choices that affect your lifestyle. That’s why you get to make the choices about your care. This includes which services you need, who will deliver them and how much and how often you want those services delivered.

Partnering with the Service Provider

The consumer directed approach is based on partnerships between the service provider and you. The tailored package is focused on what is important to you. We can help you to stay connected with social networks and to retain much of your independence.

We will help you with a transparent approach to the services that we offer and the costs to you of such services so that you can make choices with all the facts on the table. Our consumer driven approach gives you the right to choose the products and the services that you require within the constraints of your budget. Our job is to listen to you, advise you and help you to get what you want in life.

Our consumer directed approach services and support which include:

  • Home support services – including domestic chores
  • Health support – medication, wound dressing
  • Personal grooming and hygiene
  • Transport
  • Companionship
  • Meal planning, preparation, and clearing.

Every month you will receive a statement of income and expenditure so you are kept abreast of exactly what each service is costing you, allowing you to opt for different services at different price points.

We’ll Help You to Make Informed Choices

For us, our consumer directed approach to care is about earning your trust by keeping you adequately informed of your choices and the costs involved in the services on offer. Without information, you can’t be certain that you are receiving the best value for money. This is where we can help you, providing you with the information you need and expert advice.

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