What is Consumer Directed Care?

Consumer directed care is a term specific to the aged care industry. The concept was developed to allow the customer to tailor their in house care package to their individual needs. The system gives the consumer control over the choice and timing of care services and who delivers it. Under this approach you can shop around and decide which services you want and who will supply them, allowing you to obtain the best prices for the care that you require.

A transparent approach

The consumer directed care approach introduced in July 2015, ensures that providers of in-home care make information available to their clients so that they can make informed decisions on the choices that they make.

It allows aging people to continue to live in the comfort of their homes while receiving home care, partially or fully funded by the government. Consumer Directed Care focuses on providing options from which a customer can select.

Consumer Directed Care

Our Consumer Directed Care Aged Care Packages

The main objective of the initiative is to encourage aging people to remain in their homes through support for everyday activities, so they can enjoy an improved quality of life.

This participatory approach to in-house care means that together we can tailor a package to your needs and to the needs of your loved ones. We can work in partnership with you to work out your requirements and offer a package that will meet your lifestyle goals.

The consumer directed care aged care process works as follows:

  • Consumers must set the foundations of the care plan
  • They must consider what level of involvement they want in the management of the care plan
  • They have the choice of services and who will deliver it.
  • They will have their own budget and will receive a month end statement, offering more transparency on how the health care is funded and how the funds are spent
  • They will be in constant contact with the service provider and can easily change their choices as their care needs change.
You Have the Control

Consumer directed care gives you the freedom to choose the services you want and control over the costs. Under this system the home care package funding is allocated to you rather than to the service provider as was done in the past. This means that if your home care requirements change you have the flexibility to change the package.

Beacon Support has been in the business of in-house aged care for nearly two decades. We can help you to tailor consumer directed care aged care services to meet your lifestyle needs.

Call us at 1300 435 782 or contact us via our online form for more information about our consumer directed care aged care services.

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