The Home Care Package Level 3 is designed to support safe independent living at home.

The objective of the home care packages program is to help you or you loved one to stay at home when you become older and less able to look after yourself. Our home care program is devised to help you to stay independent and safe in the comfort of your home while retaining your dignity. The packages are tailored to your requirements and cover a wide range of services such as cleaning, preparation of meals and dispensing of medications.

Home Care Package Level 3

Four Levels of Home Care

There are four levels of home care. Each offers you the support that you require in the different stages of your life. You will need to apply to the Aged Care Assessment Team to determine what level of care you or your family members qualify for. The level can be changed, as and when required, by further assessment. The amount of subsidisation that you receive from the government will depend on the level of support that you require among other considerations such as income.

The first two levels of home care are for people with basic support requirements. Home care package level 3 supports people with intermediate home care needs.

Most people qualifying for a home care package level 3 need require assistance with meal preparation, personal hygiene support, medication, and support with household chores.

Our Home Care Package Level 3 packages can include:

  • Personal care – Baths, showers
  • Housework – Keeping your home clean
  • Laundry
  • Medicine dispensing as directed by a registered nurse
  • Healthcare – coordination of other health professionals and assisted trips to the doctor
  • Meal planning, and preparation
  • Transport
  • Companionship – reading, exercise, walking
  • Shopping for you or with you
  • Carer relief and respite.
Level 3 Home Care Packages Costs

Level 3 Home Care Packages Costs

Under Australia’s consumer directed care you get to choose exactly what services you require. Your level 3 home care packages costs will depend entirely on what services you have chosen, the duration of the service and the recurrence of the event.

In Australia, the government subsidises the costs of home care, but those that can afford it may have to contribute to the cost themselves.

If you have applied for a home care package, under the CDC you will be provided with a personalised budget, which you can use to spend on the services and support that most suits your lifestyle and personal circumstances. If you do not spend the entire subsidy over the month you are allowed to accumulate in credit, month to month and year to year, so that you can use when it is really required.

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Our carers can do for your loved ones almost anything that you would do for them yourself, plus much more. Our presence in the home can ensure that your family member does not harm or injure themselves while undertaking everyday tasks.

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