The NDIS is a national government scheme established to help people living with disabilities take control of their lives through funding for NDIS services that support their lifestyles, care needs and aspirations.

NDIS recipients can choose from NDIS services providers and select the right NDIS services for them.

NDIS service providers must be registered with the The National Insurance Disability Agency (NDIA) to provide services to NDIS participants, whether these participants fall under NDIS managed plans or self-managed plans.

NDIS services and NDIS providers are varied, giving the NDIS participant more choice and opportunity to obtain support and care specifically tailored to their needs.

The type of services that get covered depends on individual circumstances and what assistance may be needed to enhance daily life through personalised care.

NDIS Services and NDIS Service Providers

Beacon Support NDIS Services

For instance, Beacon Support, as a registered NDIS provider, offers the following in home NDIS services:

  • Household support including grooming, preparing meals as well as cleaning and maintaining the home
  • Transport to and from medical appointments
  • Providing the equipment a participant needs in order to increase their access to the community
  • Helping a participant achieve personal milestones, through therapy and assessments.

We can work with you to deliver customised NDIS services, specifically designed to enhance your independence and quality of life.

Who is Eligible for the NDIS?

The National Insurance Disability Agency (NDIA) is responsible for the implementation of the NDIS and they are the ones who determine an applicant’s eligibility for funding.

For a person to become eligible for NDIS support they must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a citizen of Australia or resident. Permanent visa holders are also eligible.
  • Must be under the age of 65 at the time of application
  • Should meet the specified disability or early intervention conditions.

Early intervention requirements include:

  • A child who is 6 years of age and under, who is experiencing developmental delay and because of this delay, the child needs extra help as compared to other children of the same age with communication, learning, motor skills or self-care
  • Having a permanent or lifelong impairment or condition.

Find Out More About NDIS Service Providers

Beacon Support delivers a range of “life enabling” care services. We help those with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, mental disabilities and much more.

Contact Beacon Support today to find out more about NDIS service providers and NDIS services we provide.

Our Billing Rates

Beacon Support applies the TTP (temporary transformation payment) rates as approved within the NDIS price guide.

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