Big and Small

Beacon Support can help you access a variety of holiday options that can be customised to your needs. Holiday options can range for private offerings to larger groups. Group travel options are a great way of meeting new people and making new friendships.

Relax or Explore

Want to take your holiday and just relax somewhere other than your house?  Or maybe you hope to explore a new city or park? Our supported holiday travel services allow a variety of different adventures for you to explore. Each of our professionals will work with you to determine your interests and wants for your holiday and match it with your required accommodation. Take the stress out of planning your own trip by working with our expert team instead.

Our Supported Holiday Travel Services

Types of Holidays

Based on your level of independence, our supported holiday travel services will cover the right option for you. To make it easier to determine which holiday suits you the best, we have broken them into four categories. Just let us know what holiday you are looking for when speaking to our professionals at Beacon Support.

  • Independent. You do not require personal care or assistance on a regular basis. You have strong communication and social skills and live an active lifestyle. You want to meet new people on this holiday and do not require a personal support assistant.
  • Mobility Assistance. You can manage a few stairs at a time, but need extra assistance from a device such as a walker or wheelchair.
  • Personal Care Assistance. You require assistance with your own personal care such as bathing, toileting, eating, etc.
  • Physical Disability. You required a mobility device for all physical movement.

What Are You Waiting For? Book Your Trip!

Each holiday is as unique as the travellers themselves, and we look forward to helping you plan it. Our supported holiday travel services allow for you to travel with ease as we understand your challenges and help to provide you with travel opportunities that work for you!  Call us today to learn about how our supported holiday travel services can help you explore the world.

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