Palliative Care

We understand that palliative care is a sensitive issue and our staff are attuned to the needs of the client and the people around them.

Our service focuses on the specific needs of the client and we are able to support the client for a short time or longer time, depending on their individual circumstances. Care is organised via a “Support Plan”. That is a guiding tool that states clearly what needs to be provided, when it will be provided and by whom. The Support Plan is a very specific document that our Support Team use to direct their time and energy into the support of our clients.

Our primary palliative care goals are:

  • to assist the wishes of the client in a compassionate and supportive way
  • to keep the person as comfortable as possible and
  • to assist in the person to die with dignity.

To do this we are able to provide the following palliative care services:

  • Around the clock support by support staff
  • Assistance with medications (under the overall supervision of a Registered Nurse and strict administration procedures)
  • Clinical care as required on a regular basis to maintain the wellbeing of our client
  • Companionship - Taking the time to be there!
  • Coordinating the services of other health professionals, as authorised by the responsible person
  • Coordination with ministers of religion and funeral homes as requested
  • Personal hygiene care (showering, bathing and toileting)
  • Pressure area care
  • Support with continence
  • Supporting the client and loved ones through the grieving process.